RezORama Pendants
rez-o-rama paper series

These fun, light-weight, 3/4 charms are composed of black nickel-plated brass, paper and tiny colored-glass balls encased in
1/8 of clear, glass-like resin.


EARRINGS dangle from sterling-silver wires. PENDANTS swing on 18 silver-colored ball-chain which can be shortened by clipping with heavy scissors. RINGS are adjustable. HAIRPINS are strong and durable.


Pieces are water-resistant, but not entirely water-proof (due to drill hole) and should not be submerged. In short, while we encourage swimming and bathing, these items should not participate.


Each piece is handmade, and therefore, will vary slightly from photo
{No two are exactly alike}. if you are unhappy with the version you receive, we will gladly replace it.


RezORama Alternate Views

RezORama Deluxe

rez-o-lux paper series